Covid-19 and Us

Covid-19 and Us

Posted by Bonnie on 15th Nov 2020

Covid-19 and Us

The Novel Coronavirus and how it is changing the way we run BeeStitchin Handmade.

Part of my ongoing efforts at BeeStitchin Handmade is ensuring appropriate cleaning and hygiene practices are followed. Regular washing of hands and cleaning surfaces, along with limiting the people allowed in my work-space to only myself.

My family is practicing self-isolation (where possible), with the exception of essential outings for work (myself and my husband), food shopping and medical. Please be reassured that after being out in public (or any risk area), I do not re-enter my work-space until I have taken all appropriate measures to ensure that myself and my clothing pose no risk to my work-space or anything I am working on.

Production Time

With the unfortunate (and hopefully temporary) reduction in my daytime work hours away from the home (due to the roll-on effects of this horrible virus), I suddenly have more time to sew. I will be working hard to increase productivity and reduce the time taken to complete custom orders.

Postage Times

While domestic delivery services remain operational (Australia Post being an ‘essential service’), parcels will continue to be sent. However, please understand that there may be delays in the delivery of parcels. Australia Post is keeping the nation up to date regarding the impact of covid-19 on their services. Please refer to the Australia Post website for information.

A final note from Bonnie

In these times of uncertainty, none of us really knows what the long-term effects and consequences of covid-19 will have on our lives, our families, our economy and the world), it is ever so important to take a moment to breathe.

Things are hard and may become harder before they improve. BUT remember, this is only temporary and wont last forever. We will bounce back to normal, however long that may take. And our new “normal” will likely look much different to what we have ever known before, but WE WILL BOUNCE BACK none the less.

This is only temporary. We are strong. We are united.

This too shall pass.

<3 Bonnie

P.S Wash your hands xx