CUBBIES Bear Personalised Comforter - Brown


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This beautiful Cubbies Brown Bear Comforter is perfect for any new baby or just an all year round gift. Suitable for all ages.

Able to be personalised and embroidered, bring this comforter to life with your own special touch. Select from a premade design (as pictured in the images) or have one made from scratch with your own ideas.


30cm x 30cm (plus head)

Embroidery personalisation is available on the cubbies comforters - with no visible ebroidery on the back.
Care is taken to carefully un-pick the body of the blanket to embroider flat. Once embroidered, the blanket is then machine sewn back together leaving only a small opening that is then securely hand stitched closed. THIS ENSURES NO UNSIGHTLY STITCHING IS SEEN FROM THE BACK OF THE COMFORTER!! The same attention to quality and detail goes into embroidering these bunnies, as goes into all of our handmade products.

Custom Made To Order - Allow upto 2 weeks for item to be completed and posted.